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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Assembling Custom Battery Packs


Assembling Custom Battery Packs for e-bike, Electric Vehicle, Solar Power Storage 

Custom Battery Pack Design

 It is important to design the correct battery solution to maximise the potential of your application. How do you design a battery pack that that meets your budget, power and size requirements? Speak to our battery specialists who have designed a variety of different battery solutions

EVOLT have a team of mechanical and electronics engineers that can offer you a customised battery pack design with the most suitable battery chemistry and configuration. No project is too small, too large or too complicated.

We have provided battery pack solutions for a variety of different industries such as defence, medical, oil & gas and automotive.

Your custom designed battery pack will be developed and built in the UK and our battery design and manufacturing team have the capability of working with you throughout the whole battery design and manufacturing process. We can build prototypes as well small to large scale battery pack production.

How to Configure your Battery Pack

Custom battery pack configurations are how the individual battery cells are connected together to create a complete battery pack assembly.

Design team can work with you to suggest the most suitable custom battery pack configuration depending on the size requirements you have as well as the electrical requirements because they will need to put the battery cells in series or parallel depending on the voltage and capacity you require.

There are many different battery pack configurations that need to be considered when designing a battery pack for your end product.

Custom Lithium Polymer Battery Packs

Lithium-ion-polymer batteries differ from lithium-ion batteries only in construction—it is not a unique and different chemistry. Li-polymer can be created in an array of chemistries, the most widely used of which is Li-cobalt. The difference in construction over conventional li-ion cells allows for lower cost, safer operation, and flexible packaging options; these custom lithium battery packs can be as thin as a credit card. These factors make custom lithium polymer battery packs and battery assemblies an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of applications.

  • Cell voltage: 3.2 – 3.7V (nominal)
  • Capacity: 500mAh to 3000mAh
  • Energy by volume: 250 Wh/L
  • Energy by weight: 120 Wh/kg
  • Cycle life: 500+ cycles
  • Self discharge rate: approx. N/A
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to 60°C
  • Preferred charge method: constant voltage/constant current

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturing

Lithium ion battery pack manufacturing team can design and assemble prototypes, small production runs as well as large scale mass production.

Lithium-Ion 18650 battery packs, using well known 18650 Li-ion cell manufacturers such as Samsung, LG Chem, Panasonic and Sanyo. We can also build lithium battery packs using Li-ion 21700 cells, Li-Ion Prismatic cells and Li-ion Polymer cells.

It is very important to select a battery pack manufacturer that has expertise in the lithium chemistry because understanding your application requirements and manufacturing the battery management system is vital to being able to offer a safe solution.

lithium-ion battery testing at a fraction of the cost that is being charged by test houses. 

Technical Battery Pack Experts:

Battery technical team with electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, design engineers, machine shop engineers, tooling engineers to service any question you have with regards to battery pack manufacturing. We are here to help assist in providing you an answer on any question with regards to the battery packs we can produce for you.

We have extensive knowledge on:

Custom 18650 Battery Pack Manufacturing

It is very important to select a battery pack manufacturer that has expertise in building Li-Ion 18650 battery packs because understanding your application requirements and manufacturing the smart battery electronics is vital to being able to offer a safe solution.

Simple Guidelines for Using Smart Batteries

  • Calibrate a smart battery by applying a full discharge and charge every 3 months or after every 40 partial cycles. Batteries with impedance tracking provide a certain amount of self-calibration.
  • A fuel gauge showing 100 percent SoC does not automatically assure a good battery. The capacity may have faded to 50 percent, cutting the runtime in half. A fuel gauge can give a false sense of security.
  • If possible, replace the battery with the same brand to avoid incompatibility issues with the device and/or charger. Always test the battery and the charger before use.
  • Exercise caution when using a smart battery that does not indicate state-of-charge correctly. This battery may be faulty or is not fully compatible with the equipment.

Custom Rechargeable Battery Packs

Our team of engineers are experienced in design, assemble and manufacture of rechargeable battery packs. We can also offer a suitable charger to enable you to charge your battery pack safely.

Our rechargeable battery pack manufacturing team can design and assemble prototypes, small production runs as well as large scale mass production. 

Design and build rechargeable battery packs using the following cells:

Custom Electric Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturing

It is very important to select a battery pack manufacturer that has expertise in building electric vehicle battery packs because understanding your application requirements and manufacturing the battery management system is vital to being able to offer a safe solution. We have built electric vehicle battery packs for some of the largest companies in the world such as BAE Systems

Custom Energy Storage Lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturing

It is very important to select a battery pack manufacturer that has expertise in building energy storage battery packs because understanding your application requirements and manufacturing the battery management system is vital to being able to offer a safe solution. 

Custom Military Battery Packs

Our team of engineers are experienced in designing military battery pack solutions with a focus on reliability, durability, capacity, storage and service life due to the harsh and ruggedized environments the military batteries are used. We have been providing military battery packs to Defence Standard requirements for a number of years have have a list of many batter NSN numbers.

Our military battery pack manufacturing team can design and assemble prototypes, small production runs as well as large scale mass production.

We have been chosen as military battery pack suppliers by many private defense companies such as BAE Systems.

Design and build military battery packs for the following applications:

  • Night vision equipment
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV)
  • Enhanced communication devices
  • Military UPS systems
  • Ruggedized computers
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Head mounted displays
  • Combat Training Systems

Several common faults, such as the external short-circuit, over-charged, over-discharged, over-current, over-temperature and open-wire faults, were investigated and validated in the actual implementation. The experimental results of LIBs under the real load profile confirmed the efficacy of the state-of-charge estimation and fault diagnosis capabilities for the electric vehicle application


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  • Thursday, 22 July 2021

    EV Battery Manufacturing Process

    Electric Vehicles(EV) are increasingly becoming a part of modern life; its tremendous fuel economy, eco-friendliness, and smooth driving feel have appealed to many conscious modern consumers. EVs are quite different from traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines. 

    Electric Power Control Unit(EPCU)

    The Electric Power Control Unit(EPCU) is an efficient integration of nearly all devices that control the flow of the electric power in the vehicle. It consists of the inverter, the Low voltage DC-DC Converter(LDC), and the Vehicle Control Unit(VCU).


    Power inverters and converters are used to invert HV battery pack direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for motors that propel the vehicle down the road; they also convert AC to DC to charge the HV battery pack. With an electric drivetrain, the inverter controls the electric motor in a manner somewhat equivalent to how the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of a gas or diesel internal combustion engine vehicle determines the vehicle’s driving behavior; it also captures kinetic energy released through regenerative braking and feeds this back to the battery. As a result, the range of the vehicle is directly related to the efficiency of the main inverter.

    DC/DC converters

    Different voltage levels are required by the various electronic components in a car or truck. The most basic requirement for DC/DC conversion is to power the traditional 12 V loads. When a standard combustion engine vehicle is operating, an alternator connected to the engine provides the power for all electrical loads and also recharges the battery. The internal combustion engine in HEVs can be off for extended periods of time, so an alternator cannot be relied upon to provide power to auxiliary loads. A DC/DC converter charges the 12 V battery from the HV bus, thus eliminating the 14 V alternator.

    On-board Charger(OBC)

    The On-board Charger(OBC) is used to convert Alternating Current(AC) from slow chargers or portable chargers used on home outlets into Direct Current(DC). This may make the OBC look similar to the traditional inverter, but they differ crucially in function; the OBC is for charging, and the inverter is for acceleration/deceleration. Incidentally, the OBC is not needed in fast-charging, since fast chargers already supply the electricity in direct current.

    Battery Management System(BMS)

    The Battery Management System(BMS) manages the battery’s many cells so that they can operate as if they are a single entity. The EV’s battery consists of as little as tens to as many as thousands of mini-cells, and each cell needs to be in a similar condition to the others in order to optimize the battery’s durability and performance.

    Next-generation Lithium-ion Battery Pack

    Mild hybrid systems have recently been attracting interest as a technology for improving fuel consumption. These systems use a gasoline engine for travel assistance, along with battery and motor power. Global production of mild hybrid vehicles is forecast(7) to grow from about 450,000 units in 2016 to over 12.8 million units in 2023. Particularly rapid growth of mild hybrid systems is expected in Europe and China, driven by 48 V lithium-ion batteries that can improve fuel consumption relatively inexpensively. Hitachi Automotive Systems has responded to these trends by announcing the development of a 48 V lithium-ion battery pack for mild hybrid vehicles in March 2016. The development work will bring together lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing technology for hybrid vehicles and battery management system (BMS) technology.

    Battery Pack Materials

    Pack materials forecasted include aluminium, copper, thermal management materials, thermal interface materials, steel, glass fibre reinforced polymers, carbon fibre reinforced polymers, inter-cell insulation and compression foams and pack fire-retardant materials.

    Electric Powertrain

    Vehicles are collections of many different products, and high performance is unlikely to be achieved from just partial optimization. Hitachi Automotive Systems is using simulation-driven analysis to study product specifications and control technologies suited to particular combinations of these electric powertrain components.

    Electric Motor

    Motor materials forecasted include aluminium, boron, cobalt, copper, dysprosium, iron, neodymium, niobium, silicon-steel, terbium and praseodymium. 


    This article has discussed the inverters, motors, and batteries used as electric powertrain components in electric vehicles, as well as simulation technology for analyzing combinations of these components.

    Electric powertrain components have advanced through refinements in power electronics and microprocessors, and will continue to evolve as automotive power units. Hitachi is working to help protect the environment by developing products that meet the needs of the expanding market for vehicles that are compatible with the environment.

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